What do we do?

Managers & Leaders

Management and leadership at for-profit and non-profit organizations

Executive training and coaching: individual & organizational racial equity assessments, workshops and facilitated conversations with executives and managers to find ways to intentionally address racial equity within their D&I initiatives

Organizational Teams

  • Crucial conversations: equip employees with a heart for DEI to create a grassroots movement within their organizations, and hold their employers accountable for investing in DEI work with a racial equity focus
  • Team training: individual & team racial equity assessments and training with organizational teams that focuses on structural racism, and how that impacts our experiences, cultural competencies, policies and productivity in the workplace

Faith Communities

  • Racial healing workshops: individual & church leadership team racial equity assessments and training that focuses on structural racism, and the role of faith communities to proactively dismantle racism in their congregation and communities
  • Racial equity team consulting: coaching & thought-leadership for church leaders who want to create a racial equity team within their church structure, dedicated to dismantling racism in their congregation and community


Coaching: for those who have a heart for racial equity, but don’t know where to start, I work with individuals to help them define their purpose in anti-racism work, and help guide them in the direction of genuine, purposeful action within their homes and communities

Website Subscribers

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Lunch and un-learn: webinars focused on increasing awareness of systemic racism and its impact in the workplace


Racial Equity Framework

Achieving a racially equitable workplace is a journey, not a destination. The below framework was built to help individuals and organizations create a common understanding and language regarding racial equity, and ultimately a custom-tailored action plan to achieve systemic and institutional change within the organization.


When we know better we do better. We cannot solve a problem we do not understand.


Reflect and grow in your understanding of biases, policies, and structure that disadvantage BIPOC.


Create a plan to achieve systems change that leads to a more equitable workplace.